June 20, 2014

Help Fund Research On Leather/BDSM/Kink

Richard Sprott, Ph.D., a well known and highly respected member of the academic community, is currently crowdfunding an important research project.

In addition to funding this particular research project, if this funding process goes well, we could easily see this approach used as a model for supporting new research on leather/BDSM/kink in the future.

This crowdfunding campaign is active from June 23 to August 2, 2014.

If you are financially able to assist in funding this research, your contributions are welcome and appreciated. If you can further promote this crowdfunding effort, that would be great also. Feel free to link to this post from anywhere and replicate any of the wording in this post as needed.

This research project involves in-depth interviews about the life histories and identities of kink-identified people.

It seeks to answer such questions as: How do people make sense of kinky fantasies, desires, behaviors and practices? How do they integrate their sexuality into a larger sense of self when that sexuality is stigmatized?

Understanding how people conceptualize and construct their sexual identities will aid efforts to understand the connections between identity formation and behavior, to address stigma and prejudice against alternative sexualities, and to lower health disparities.

Thank for any contributions or promotion you can provide for this project.

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